Our Team

Organising OberMUN is a big challenge, a satisfaction, an Opportunity .

Who is Behind the OberMUN project? A solid Team of students of Liceo Oberdan that coordinates every single aspect of the OberMUN organization.

The table below shows the staff that should have been there for the 2020 edition.


Head Organizers: Bianca Brighenti, Pietro Signore, Marta Menegato, Arturo Luciani

Public Relations: Giulia Feltrin, Isabella Gustincich

Committees Organization: Davide Devetak, Lilia Grandville

System Coordinators: Margherita Steccazzini, Daniele Zucca

Background Guide: Sofia Giani

Obermun Club Ambassador: Veronica Venier

System team's heads

Photo: Maddalena Celli

Social: Susanna Reina

Web: Giovanni de Maria

Security: Gabriele Samer, Giacomo Bratos

Press: Jacopo Carnimeo

Goods & Editing: Matteo Marinelli, Lorenzo Moscati

The Head Organizers

What do these roles mean?



They control all the aspects about OberMUN and coordinate all the other members of the Staff.

public relations

They manage the relationships between obermun and the participating schools.

committees organizers

They decide how to form commissions.

system coordinators

They manage the System teams.

Background guide

She prepares some ideas for the delegates.

obermun club ambassador

She represents Obermun Club (the Alumni Association which co-organize the event) in the School.



They captures all the moments of OberMUN.


They manage the OberMUN’s Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).


They manage the website (using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL) and prepare the debate manager software (using C++).


They control who enters and who leaves the committee rooms.


They collaborate with newspaper, write articles, publish reports and do interviews.


They prepare all the objects with the OberMUN brand and edit the photos made by the photo team.

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