OberMUN 2022


From 31 march to 2 april



Mun sessions: Palace of the region FVG, prefecture, CEI palace.

gala dinner/coffe break: Savoia excelsior palace



Here you can find the documentation about the oberMUN 2022.

Comitati & Resolution Papers


Topics for discussion:

  • Role of civil society in post-conflict peacebuilding
  • Establishing international guidelines in order to prevent terrorist attacks

Topics for discussion:

  • LGBTQ+ parenting and step-child adoption by single and same-sex couples
  • The effect and impact of Covid-19 pandemic on mental health


Topics for discussion:

  • Ensuring people with disabilities. Guaranteeing equitable access to effective health services
  • Reducing children mortality and causes of death due to malnutrition

Topics for discussion:

  • Providing protection and safeguard of endangered animals and species that need protection with the aim of preserving biodiversity
  • Promotion of green lifestyle, encouraging the use of renewable energies in the field of transport

Topics for discussion:

  • Ensuring relationships between youth and institutions in order to create job opportunities for younger generations
  • Decriminalization and legalisation of soft drug sale for recreational use

Topics for discussion:

  • Ensuring gender equality through the improvement of girls’ access to education in rural countries in order to enable equal opportunities
  • Empowering women’s rights by guaranteeing free choice on abortion



Head Organizers Elisa Natali, Enrico Candotti, Greta Goos,      Leonardo Robba.

Public RelationsEdoardo Morsillo, Virginia Soggia. 

Committees Organizers: Francesca De Seta, Giovanna Paris, Giulia Dal Grande.

System Coordinators:  Andrea Feltrin, Caterina Valle.

Background Guide: Flavio Ceppi, Valentina Spasojevic

Obermun Club Ambassador: Elisa Natali


General coordinator: Prof. Massimo de Forville

Capi dei gruppi System

Photos and social: Gaia
Ferrara, Sofia Gasparro.

Jacopo Martino

Margherita Blaskovic, Stefano Longo

Vladimiro Zacchigna

& Editing: Beatrice Chicco, Enrico Cobai



Our Head Organizers

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