Organization of OberMUN 2020

Obermun 2020 could not take place due to the spread of Covid-19 in Italy.

In this page is published the team and the topics of the committees of this edition.


Head Organizers: Bianca Brighenti, Pietro Signore, Marta Menegato, Arturo Luciani

Public Relations: Giulia Feltrin, Isabella Gustincich

Committees Organization: Davide Devetak, Lilia Grandville

System Coordinators: Margherita Steccazzini, Daniele Zucca

Background Guide: Sofia Giani

Obermun Club Ambassador: Veronica Venier

System team's heads

Photo: Maddalena Celli

Social: Susanna Reina

Web: Giovanni de Maria

Security: Gabriele Samer, Giacomo Bratos

Press: Jacopo Carnimeo

Goods & Editing: Matteo Marinelli, Lorenzo Moscati

The Head Organizers


Topics for discussion:

  • Terrorism spreading

Topics for discussion:

  • Rights and conditions of convicts in prisons around the world;
  • Legal identity of stateless people in refugee camps

Topics for discussion:

  • Drug trafficking on migrant routes;
  • Managing/limiting the use of advanced technologies designated to crime prevention without damaging privacy protection

Topics for discussion:

  • Opioids epidemic (in America and worldwide);
  • Bioethics of biotechnology in medical field

Topics for discussion:

  • Right of education for children politic refugees;
  • Improvement of security conditions in touristic locations against criminal actions and over tourism

Topics for discussion:

  • Deforestation¬† and measures against it;
  • Plastic waste selling by developed countries to developing ones and waste pouring into the seas