OberMUN 2018


From 23/02 to 25/02 2018


MUN Sessions: Palace of the Region FVG

Cerimonies: Revoltella Museum



Head Organizers: Matteo Baricchio, Alberto Furioso, Archià Ghasem Pour, Marianna Viezzoli

Public Relations: Chiara Gagliardo, Irene Giorgini

Committees Organization: Giulia Ascione, Tommaso Finzi, Davide Mazzanti

System Coordinators: Filippo Olivo, Veronica Venier

System team's heads

Sponsor: Tommaso Finzi

Web: Marco Macrì, Filippo Olivo

Ceremonies: Michela Binetti, Milica Dimitrijevic

Photo: Francesca Zatti

Security: Giacomo Scarcia, Lorenzo Zuliani

Committes & Resolution Papers


Topics for discussion:

● Nuclear testing and the tensions it creates between UN members.

Guide line: we suggest the dialogue between the delegates in order to solve the main tensions mainly created by the last nuclear tests and provocative behaviours.

● Migrants routes, terrorism threats and religious conflicts in Mediterranean Africa and Middle East.

Guide line: we would like you to find concrete solutions and make controls in order to fight against the violation of human rights caused by the Mediterranean crisis.

Resolution Paper

     Topics for discussion:

●  Preventing espionage, violation of privacy and facing the threat of cybernetic attacks in the Digital Age.

Guide line: we would like you to concentrate on the ethical values that could be digitally violated in our era and to collaborate in order to improve digital controls to ensure privacy to the modern society and prevent military interferences in foreign countries and cybernetic attacks.

●  Fostering environments for freedom of expression, press freedom, and journalistic safety.

Guide line: the point of this debate is to find some measures to guarantee the same freedom values all around the world.

Resolution Papers: Topic A, Topic B

 Topics for discussion:

● Vaccination to promote global public health and research of new medical care for facing diseases coming from maritime and air trades.

Guide line: we suggest you to find some measures in order to opposet the lack of sanitary controls and prevention in airports and harbors.

● Health security regarding migrants and prisoners: prevention and intervention.

Guide line: we would like you to focus your attention on the health system in the initial reception centers and prisons.  

Resolution Paper


Topics for discussion:

● The political exploitation of UNESCO compromises the real protection of the cultural sites of the world.

Guide line: in this debate we would like you to concentrate on the political influence that stands behind the UNESCO’s decisions.

● The trafficking of antiquities in conflict zones focused on Mediterranean routes.

Guide line: we would like you to discuss about the illegal art trade perpetrated in war zones, regarding the Mediterranean territories and the illicit traffic all around the world.  

Resolution Paper

    Topics for discussion:
● Political corruption, drug cartels and maritime trade for distributing the substances.

Guide line: we would like you to point out the principal drugs routes, how some political systems ease the substances traffics and how they these are introduced into the countries.

● Preventing the illicit cultivation of drug crops through alternative agricultural and economical development.

Guide line: we would like you to find some resolutions in order to improve the economic and social farmers’ conditions to discourage the  drugs cultivation and exportation.

Resolution Paper

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