OberMUN 2017



Head Organizers: Federico Natali, Francesco Stupar, Marco Pampanin, Riccardo Tirelli

Public Relations: Giulia Ferro

Committees Organization: Marta Scropetta, Silvia Girardi, Matteo Landi

System Coordinators: Giovanni Cattaruzza, Marianna Viezzoli

System team's heads

Food: Elisa Sterpin

Web: Giacomo Venier

Ceremonies: Silvia Poropat

Photo: Elisa Sinagra, Filippo Olivo

Security: Francesco Palcic

Goods: Virginia Capone

Committes & Resolution Papers


Topics for discussion:

  • The changing role of international organizations is represented by the purpose of the new political balances.
  • International awareness of the growing use of chemical / nuclear war.

Resolution Papers: topic A , topic B


Topics for discussion:

  • Devising strategies and international cooperation actions to fight the smuggling of artifacts.
  • Revaluating the importance of less-developed countries’ artistic heritage.

Resolution Paper

Topics for discussion:

  • Comparison of world torture legislation and encouragement of countries that do not need it.
  • International policies to help child-soldiers.

Resolution Paper


Topics for discussion:

  • Provide international legislation on fracking.
  • Policies to implement and improve the sorting of waste both in the most and least efficient countries, encouraging the widespread use of renewable energies.

Documento di risoluzione


Topics for discussion:

  • International awareness of women’s health: female genital mutilation, childbirth protection and the importance of vaccination, particularly in the least associated countries.
  • Bridging the health services gap in countries where socio-economic differences affect citizens’ well-being or where a national health system is absent or has not yet been implemented.

Resolution Papers: argomento A , argomento B