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OberMUN Club is the first Alumni Association of the school, aiming at maintaining the relationships among Oberdan’s students who participated in OberMUN, and want to continue to support the project.

No fear! OberMUN Club has born, it is the first Alumni Association of the Guglielmo Oberdan High School, aimed at maintaining the relationships between the Oberdan students on whom OberMUN has left its mark aiming to support the actual students in the realization and advancement of the project year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Alumni Association is a group of former students with the purpose of promoting events, raising funds to support an institution. It also organizes convivial meetings so as to maintain friendships that have formed.

The “OberMUN Club” will be the “Alumni Association” of the Guglielmo Oberdan High School. It is an institution outside the school that is able to collect all the students of age, the alumni and the professors of the Lyceum, who participated in the OberMUN, with the aim of keeping strong the bonds of friendship and collaboration that they are trained in the five years of scholastic path and during the preparation and carrying out of the project. OberMUN Club also aims to support the OberMUN project and all the initiatives of the Oberdan High School related to the Model United Nations sphere.

The following events will be organized annually:

1. a minimum of an assembly for the election of the board of directors (of annual validity)

2. a minimum of two plenary / conferences, one mainly dedicated to the presentation of the current edition of OberMUN and one in which it will mainly leave space for members, where they can present their studies, their career, their initiatives, their projects

3. a minimum of two event dinners (convivial), which will normally follow the two conferences

The OberMUN Club will be formed by a Board of Directors – elected annually and with the function of making the fundamental decisions of the association -and by potential infinite members. All the students of age attending the Guglielmo Oberdan High School and all the students graduating from the aforementioned Lyceum who have held any role within the “OberMUN” event can become part of OberMUN Club. To register, contact the President or the Ambassador and pay the simbolic fee. For Further info you can read the Open Letter to aspiring members.



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